Safehaven For Young Teen Mothers & Women

Safehaven For Young Teen Mothers & Women's mission is to:

*Steer youth girls from the pitfalls of life helping them to become positive, productive women with a meaningful future.

*Provide formerly incarcerated and recently women with encouragement/assistance in fully integrating into the mainstream of life.


*Provide rehabilitation, programs, valuable resources and support to women and youth girls who are trying to get their lives back in order, as well as, HOPE!


*Provide guidance, structure, encouragement, mentoring and social mechanisms for women and youth girls leading them towards a meaningful future.

*Provide information to enable them to have steer-free transition back with their child(ren) and family.

*Assisting them gradually reintegrating back into society.

Safehaven is committed to improving women and youth girls' lives for today and of the future.  Our Aim is help women and youth girls have a chance to build and start a "NEW LIFE."  

Free/Small Fee


11138 Findlay Street
Detroit, MI
Phone: 313-433-3621